Home sweet home ? (Week 24)


Hi everybody !!

I just realized that I have never taken the time to write this final article from my last week in Malta, from Monday June 15th to Saturday June 20th.

But it doesn’t matter, my memories are still intact 🙂

This last week in Malta was strange, I didn’t want to leave this beautiful city, this amazing school, this people that I met, but I had to, it was my destiny.

So, I returned at school this week in order to get all of my certificates, they said that if you were too absent, they won’t be able to deliver… So I sacrificed myself haha !!

My teacher was terrible, as usual in General English. Honestly, the Academic Year Program was the best things to improve my english skills: I had the best teachers, I did my homeworks as a good students, I followed their advice carrefully.

And I was right, because one month after my return at home, I got my Cambridge FCE, but even today I feel sad when I think about it, I had the skills to get the CAE ! I failed the reading and the writing, otherwise I would have received the CAE, advanced level of Cambridge, and the C1 level. My use of english and my speaking were C1 according to their scale.

Anyway, looking back, this last week in Malta was one of the best, we had a perfect ceremony with our certificates, and we took pictures with Simon and Ritianne, we ate some food with the others students and teachers.

My friend Elly offered me a wonderful present : asian dolls made with special paper 🙂

We spent our last night in Malta in Paceville, even if I went to the Casino at first, I didn’t win a lot but hey, I didn’t leave with anything either 🙂

Crazy Paceville !! I am not the clubbing type but we had to enjoy because you never know if you will come back one day.

I came home around 2-3 am, saying goodbye to my best friend Elly, she cried a little bit héhé, my partner in crime 🙂

I hope to see her again one day !

THANK YOU MALTA FOR EVERYTHING ! January 4th – June 20th




At the end, only one will survive (Week 23)

Hi everybody !!

Penultimate article this week, my journey in Malta is coming to an end next Saturday : I will go back to France 🙂

Meanwhile, I am enjoying my last moments, knowing that I’m finally at the casa solo, the other students left yesterday, I can finally sleep at night haha ​​!!

Regarding my review of the Cambridge, I thought going back to school in a class of my level, unfortunately I misunderstood everything …

I was even assigned to a class one level lower than mine. I asked to change, in vain. So I took some distances with the school this week 🙂

Besides my ex teachers wished me good holidays, so I was in peace 🙂

It was also the occasion to return to the gym !! It was about time ! I  am slowly approaching the 100 participations, maybe they will give me a gift who knows ? 🙂

The Don is still acting like a real estate agent with the apartment. But so far, he haven’t found one person for renting it. I must say that we are far from everything that happens in Paceville or Sliema …

Voilà, voilà, tomorrow I will try to go back to school, hoping to see a new teacher ‘more competent: D

I will probably finish my adventures by going to the Casino in order to close the loop

See you



F-I-N-A-L-L-Y !!! (Week 20,21,22)

Hi everybody !!!

I am back after a break of 3 weeks, due to the final step before my Cambridge exam!

Examination which took place last Thursday, and the rest yesterday morning. Now everything is over, time for « holidays » 🙂

During the exam, I met a young French who did the same certification than me, he’s only 15 years old !!! He said he is living in Malta since September with his family, and he managed to get all the « Cambridge » exam before the FCE. When he was in France, he took courses in an English school in Montpellier. his goal is to become like his father, an pilot 🙂

Well, I have two weeks of courses in Malta, but tomorrow I will join the « General English » course which is much less intensive than the course I’ve had for the last 8 weeks!

This means, no homework, complete rest, and also going back to the gym at CYNERGI! I had to give up because of the Cambridge exam this week, I wasn’t focus enough to fulfill my goal haha!

Lookinf back to the Cambridge FCE, I’m pretty confident, I believe that the 8 weeks of preparations will not have been for nothing. unusual thing happened on Friday morning, we had free lessons, but we all came, and at the end the boss gave us a hug to wish us good luck. At first, everyone was afraid of her except me and now we all love her  🙂

Otherwise, about the weather, it was a terrible heat outside , even in the evening we had 27-28 easily.

These three weeks will be a chance to say goodbye to a lot of people also.  From the day I came in January, until today we are only 4 survivors haha! We are now the oldest students at school, even if nobody can notice this, since every Monday there are new students who are coming at school.

Tomorrow, back to school, wish me luck 🙂

See you



Feeling good (Semaine 19)

Hi everybody !

End of week 19 in my Maltese journey, I am slowly approaching at the end of the story, so it is time to enjoy these last moments in good company 🙂

The highlights of this week was once again the free lesson or podium that I gave to my classmates, helped by my partner in crime Elly!

This time with the presence of the high sphere of the school which came to take photos and attend to the podium. Our work has been welcomed by the management, which shows the energy and everything we put in this project, and the satisfaction which has been recognized with the applause from everyone !

I enjoy more and more giving lessons to others , perhaps I can become a teacher one day, who knows? Haha!

Meanwhile, stay tuned,  the examination  is coming soon, in three weeks or so, most part of the program has been already done, we begin to prepare for interviews and speaking part. The hardest part is to stay close to the time, avoiding stupid mistakes, managing stress, in short, it is a whole program 🙂

Time does not change here, it was a horrible heat to 27-28 degrees this week, so there is no longer dress code at school haha!

It has been two weeks since we « lost » the hot water! I asked Don why, he told me that at night, the water is hot, and in Summer, the problem is that there is no cold water Fortunately … I would be gone just before summer haha!

Don, which is also increasingly active at home , he really wants to rent his apartment haha! Besides, he is pretty confident, based on the visits from this week, « the hardest part begins, » he said.

The small Spanish is leaving me alone at this moment, his family arrived, so he is absent these days, and since the Czech is still discreet, we do not hear him, you never know if he is there or not.

That’s what happened on this week of May 🙂

See you next week!



Casino Royale ! (week 18)

Hi everybody !!

New week, which comes to an end in Malta, I havesix more weeks before returning to France !!

Thiq 18th week was marked by the departure of several of my former classmates! As scheduled, a graduation ceremony was held to reward students leaving Malta.

Before all that, as Adrian Monk would say « this is what really happened » :

On Monday, as expected, new students arrived in our program « exam class », a  Brazilian who is only 16 years old !! She is not there to do the same exam than me, she seems to be nice!

It was hard to focus this week, crazy hot week, so I asked to switch on the air condition, and some girls went »sick » haha 😀

I volunteered to give a free lesson on Friday in the presence of the boss of the program, it will be fun for sure!

Except from that, the Cambridge course is going better and better, I am exactly in the middle of the training, I have four more weeks before the exam of June 6! But, we still have so much work to do haha!

Earlier this week, we had a personal meeting with Heidi regarding the exam course for an update on training, what is happening during the course, if we are satisfied with the training given by the teachers, methods, and then talk about our strengths, our weaknesses, and things to improve …

In the end all goes well, the boss was listening, she was glad of my review  haha!

And then, at home, it’s still the catastrophe, we still don’t have hot water, Don is about to explode! Besides, he has left us a word saying that wehad to clean our rooms, because tomorrow there are people who are coming to visit the apartment. Is it a coincidence or not with the recent events? Stay tuned 😉

And finally this week I tried my luck to the local casino! I was reasonable: I bet 15 euros, and I left with 19.20 euros Haha! This is the beginning of being rich 🙂


Clear eyes, full heart, can’t lose (Week 17)

Hi everybody !

It is from my way back from the beach, and having had my dose of vitamin that I am writing this short review of my new Maltese week!

The sun was looking good this week, however it was already unbreathable because of the hot air that came from Africa 😀

In addition, no luck, there were no hot water at home ! DON had left a note on the kitchen table Thursday night … For now we have alternated between cold shower, and shower at the gym, knowing that it is located at 20-25 minute on foot from the flat 😦

This week has been the most difficult since the beginning of my adventure in Malta: Friday 1 May was a public holiday, courses lasted longer and therefore we had to do more exercices than expected …

I am coming soon to my 4th week of Cambridge FCE exam, and I feel that I’m getting better, I have made progress, it’s nice to see 😀

Except from that, this week we had more and more people at school, so I noticed for the first time that the school is small. On the streets is the same, too many people in this area 😦

In the host family, the atmosphere was good, DON was still in ghost mode this week, he returned just to do the laundry and prepare the evening meal; the Czech student who looks like Pierre Menes never talk with us, he is still in his room Otherwise with the Spanish despite the trouble for sleeping, all is good, he even improved his level from A2 to B1 at school !

And finally, I went to the cinema to watch  AVENGERS 2 in a good company if you know what I am talking about 😉 : a monumental disaster , what a shock, a film with so many money spending ! I am so fan of comics stories, but this movies was the worst I have ever seen

Stay tuned for my next episode!

See you



Hanging on… (Week 16)

Hi everybody !

As expected, it’s time for the little debrief of the week, my 16th week in Malta!

It was also my 2nd week in the program « exams class », we had the small courtesy of seeing Heidi, the boss, the coordinator of this program, who everyone is afraid of haha!

Being straight as usual, she reminded us of the expectations of this course, our involvement in the program, and the intelligence to follow the advice and guidance provided by the teachers.

Heidi also told us that every week the students must volunteer to give lessons to other students of the school. As expected I vouched for this week 🙂

The course is still difficult but also the working methods are about to give results.

This week we had a new student arrivals who joined us: a Swiss guy and an Italian girl who were already in school. the Swiss guy will do Cambridge like me, but he was lost, it is not impossible that he will change program but wait and see.

The homeworks are starting to become more and more complicated , we are even beginning to write essays haha! For the moment the subjects are hardly exciting but hey, you have to go through it.

By lacking of time, I was not able to attend football games this week : homework to do, gym, cooking, skype, it is not easy but we must succeed 🙂

Anyway, let’s talk about something else : the weather has been very generous this week, I even enjoy to go to the discovery of the capital Valetta !! Obviously I didn’t go alone, so it was an good time spent with her and another friend who joined us. I was expecting something amazing and finally, it was just  a normal city  haha!

But in this city, we witnessed that there were a French package in the streets. I had to come across more French people in one afternoon than in 3-4 months in Malta!

Well, well the coming week will be difficult, Friday being a holiday here, we will begin classes earlier (8:30 am) and finish later than usual (15:15) haha !


See ya!



Cambridge here we go ! (Week 15)

Hi everybody !
It’s already the end of the 15th week in Malta, and the courses are becoming more and more interesting 🙂
Indeed, I finally started my preparation for the Cambridge Certificate! This is not an easy exam, everyone noticed this, but with practice, I think it is very likely to succeed.

The organization of the course is the following: in the morning  it is a « general » exam class for all students willing to take an exam (Cambridge, TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS), and we are all in the same classroom.

Then in the afternoon, everyone joined the courses reserved to its specific exam. Morning classes are given by Catherine, and my course for Cambridge by Ritianne. Easy to say that these are the best conditions for me because I already had these teachers before 🙂

If I had to summarize this first week, my feelings will be mixed because morning classes are particularly difficult, working our speed to read a text, in order to answer ten questions in 15 minutes’ no more haha!

We are foccussing on the 4 essentials skills to pass an exam: quick text Reading, Listening, Writing tests and Grammar.

Actually, for me, the reading part is my biggest problem, but no worries, it’s been only a week.

In the morning, we are a dozen students, but for the afternoon in my class we are only 4, it is better! And Cambridge exam is a chess game than anything else (hence the picture), this is a mental gymnastics, you have to be sharp, and know everything about everything haha
Regarding the homework part, it is quite heavy, knowing that the time flies, we must be organized, I am still adjusting for this, because you have to spend at least 1h30 on homework every day …

Anyway, without this pressure, it was a perfect week in Malta! Very hot, everyone came in shorts at school; during breaks and after classes, head to the beach to enjoy the sun.

Wednesday night, with my friend Daniel, we have witnessed the collapse of the Paris St Germain against Barcelona haha! Frankly we suspected a bit but it was nice in the pub, good atmosphere. Daniel told me he had finally found a job, he is finally relieved ! This situation was difficult for him because he was living on his savings in Malta for one year , and now it won’t be the same.

And Friday night, we chilled out with the 1st week of exam preparation, we had arranged to meet all in Paceville to « relax » haha!

In short it was a good week, hoping that the next will be just as much!


Sunbathing.. (week 14)

Hi everybody !

This week was my 14th week here in Malta, we had a great weekend here, which enabled me to go sunbathing on the beach after the workout 🙂

Before arriving at the weekend, small return on what had happened this week:

Mama left Tuesday morning, meanwhile, We had had time to go to the mall « The Point », famous for being the largest shopping center in Malta. No luck, she did not buy anything, unlike me haha ​​:)

This week was the most painful week, surely the worst since the beginning. I do not like at all the « General English », there is nothing to learn, we talk, we talk, even if we made mistakes, it does not matter, the teacher  doesn’t correct us so…

We have been invaded by full of Germans and Swiss this week. Most will remain only a week or two, so this is simple holiday for them here.

Thank God, on Monday I will go back to normal English lesson with my presence in the « Elite » from school to learn academic English to pass the necessary certifications 🙂

If the cohabitation with the Spanish is not going too bad, on the other hand, with Donald it is not the same : he was close to the edge especially with the hot water abuse haha!

No football this week, my friend Daniel from Venezuela became a father for the first time, so he remained in the hospital with his family 🙂

He said he had passed the Cambridge exam, the same exam I am going to have in eight weeks, he told me that the subject was very hard, so I feel reassured.

Anyway, I am not particularly afraid of the exam itself, the teachers remind us to do well the homework seriously and everything will be fine. But it will be difficult, I met an amazing russian girl recently, so wait and see 🙂

This afternoon, I went to the Pub to watch football, not any game: the Manchester derby !!! It was fire especially here because they support Manchester United more than any other team!

See you



Mama is here !! (week 13)


Hi everybody !

It is with some delay that I decided to publish this review in my 13th week in Malta!

And yes, as expected, the mama arrived Friday afternoon, and I had to keep her company haha!

For this, I made a small program in order to make her (and me) visiting Malta in one weekend 🙂

Mission accomplished I would like to say, despite the different adventures …

Friday, we took a boat to make a cruise to discover the « mythical » places of Malta.

Saturday, the biggest day we decided to go on an adventure and exploring the islands of Gozo and Comino. Almost 2 hours by boat and finally we arrived in Gozo and admired the beautiful view (see picture above). After the boat ride, we had a bus available to give us a little tour of this island of Gozo. In the end, lacking of time, we will not see much.

Fortunately on the way back, we arrived at the Blue Lagoon in Comino. heavenly, the transparent sea, truly a beautiful place to discover!

And today, we took a bus to the South of Malta, through the capital Valetta and stopping at the market in Marsaxlokk particular. This city is the largest fishing port in the country, it smelled fish 🙂

The opportunity to meet a lot of friends during this ​​market, and then after we were eating in a small restaurant near the market when we came across ex classmates.

But, when it was time to leave, it was war! And yes, a bus every 30 minutes, too many people for only one door for the bus so everybody was nervous, well, mostly old people haha!

I understood why I had never taken the bus in 3 months in Malta: no punctuality, a monstrous wait, everyone walking on it to get into it, in short everything I do not like 🙂

Before all this, small return on my week at school:

So I changed class as expected! I found myself in « General English » with 60% of people I knew so the integration was very quickly. I was a little surprised about the level of the lesson, but hey I’m « unofficially » in holidays pending Cambridge, so I made myself discreet;)

The teacher, Carol is very good , she is making jokes haha! Otherwise it’s a course where we talk more than a course with grammar. Often in groups of 2-3, we give our opinions on such matters. It reminds me of my first course of « fluency English » with Sarah 🙂

Tuesday night, it was also the come back of football with the guys! I was once again in the wrong team, we took a nice correction until the introduction of the « final goal » haha! In the end we won, even though I did not have the strength to play well 🙂

Tonight is Marseille-Paris, I did not have any information if t they would show it in the pub or not … No big deal, really I don’t even follow football these days 🙂

Tonight small restaurant with Mama! And future direction « The Point » the largest shopping center in Malta, on 3 floors!

See you